According to Travis Hirschi, why don't individuals perform delinquent acts?

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Travis Hirschi expounds that there is a significant amount of influence that is exerted by society when it comes to controlling and governing delinquent acts and behavior. According to Hirschi’s Theory of Social Control society has a pivotal role in regulating crime and delinquent acts. He posits that it is not viable for the burden to be allotted upon the individual performing the delinquent act alone. One could espouse that the majority of crime is due to the lack of supervision by the wider social authorities and familial relationships. Hirschi’s Social Control Theory expounds that when individuals have inadequate strong ties with individuals around them and the rest of society they are more apt to display delinquency. This allows one to deduce that according to Hirschi individuals are less likely to perform delinquent acts if they have strong bonds and commitments to others and society as a whole.

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