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These are two connected business ventures.  “Travel” involves moving a person from one location to another, for whatever reason:  business, family visit, etc.  It deals with several businesses, mainly the means of travel: plane, rental car or truck, train, etc.  “Tourism,” on the other hand, is a business that caters to visitors to a specific site: a picturesque city, a natural site, a historic setting, etc., and entails accommodations, meals, tour guides, souvenirs, and a myriad of other businesses. Because tourism involves specific locations, the city or site normally has a centralizing tourist agency or department whose job is to coordinate all of the income-producing activities, including accommodating visitors to special events (sports events, for instance). Obviously, this will include travel opportunities.  The “travel business,” then, becomes part of the “tourist business” in instances where the motive for traveling is to “be a tourist.”

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