Transnational crime...Does the United States have a greater or lesser risk of being victimized by transnational crime than other nations? Why/why not?

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I would agree that the US is one of many nations that are more likely to be targeted by transnational crime.  The US is a very large country and therefore a popular target.  We are outspoken and often attract terrorist attacks.  We also have a large population of wealthy citizens which also attract crimes.  In some ways, just the shear size of the US allows for more transnational crimes.  

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I would assume that yes, the United States is more vulnerable to transnational crime than other countries might be, for the reason that the United States may have more international involvements and connections that could become entry points or vehicles for the crimes to occur. If a nation isolated itself from other countries and did not permit many immigrants or electronic contacts with other nations, that nation would not be as easy to infiltrate for criminal purposes.

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I think as well we need to take into account the way that the US is regarded by many different countries and groups of individuals within countries. Whether there is any basis for this or not, unfortunately the US is actually regarded by such groups and nations as a repressor of liberties rather than a group that upholds them. It is important to understand this viewpoint even though we may violently disagree with it.

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Terrorism could be an example of transnational crime. Another is drug trafficking, which is obviously a major issue in the United States. I actually wouldn't suggest that we're at risk for terror attacks any more than other nations, but the economic crimes mentioned in the post above affect the United States especially because of the massive investment US corporations have made in countries around the world.

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Yes, the United States is a big target. We have a big population, but more importantly a large part of our population is wealthier than most of the world. We are also a beacon of hope and a symbol of westernization, both of which make us excellent targets, especially for Islamic Extremists that are opposed to the American way of life.
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I don't think that transnational crime is typically related to terrorism.  I think that it is more likely to be economic.  Here, too, though, the US might be more vulnerable.  We are a rich country with an open economy and society.  This makes it both more beneficial to criminals to target us and easier to do so.

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I would say that the US has a greater risk of being victimized. The only reason that I would tend to do this is based upon the fact that the US has become very outspoken about terrorism over the past decade. We, Americans, tend to put ourselves out in the line of fire by standing up for our freedoms and rights. Many nations cannot do this and may find themselves threatened by this.