Can someone please translate the entire poem "A Valediction of My Name, in the Window" into modern day English?

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My name, here written, 
Adds my own strength and permanence to this window,
     A window that since I added my self to it has been
     As strong and permanent as me;
Your gaze will make it even more valuable, 
     So much so that diamonds will be worthless. 


     It is good that the glass in a window
Is clear and open, just like me;
     It is even better that this glass reflects you to yourself
     And so clearly reflects you to your own eyes.
But the rules of reason can be reversed by love's magic
     In this window, with my name etched into your reflection, you see me in yourself and I become one with you. 


     Like no single dot or dash
In a signature, which are just decorations and additions to a name, 
     Neither can rain showers or thunderstorms wash away my etched name
     So you will always be able to find me here in this window;
What you might find even better for strength and permanence than my engraving is the whole me,
     The name for which you have in front of you now and always. 


     If you think that I'm asking you 
To read way too much into what is truly just a scratched-in name,
     Keep it as a gift to remind you
     That life is short even though love is endless;
Or maybe even consider this engraved name to be a representation of
     My poor body, ruined without you. 


     Then, when every part of my mind and soul
Has safely made it to paradise, which is inside of you - you alone who
     understands me, I will start to grow, and see - 
     The physical form of my body
Attached after all to my soul and therefore found with you, every physical piece
     That currently makes my body, will be reborn in heaven - in you. 


     But until this miraculous resurrection repairs
And puts back together my broken body, 
     There are magical, mystical powers that are
     In the stars that were in the sky when I engraved my name
And these powers now remain the letters of my engraving
     And are magical when those stars are back in the sky


     So since I carved my name
When both love and loss were powerful because of our parting from each other, 
     Keep yourself open to the powers stored within my name
     Both great love but also great sorrow 
Are feelings that you will have because of it; and you should, until I come back,
     Since I miss you to death every day, mourn my death every day. 


     When your thoughtless hand
Flings open the shutters, with my name written on the shaking pane, 
     To look on a new person, whose intelligence or wealth
     May bring new love to your heart,
Then imagine that my name is actually me, and that you are therefore
     Offending me while standing right next to me. 


     And when your maid 
Bribed by your new admirer
     Delivers your new admirer's love notes to your pillow, 
     Argues in his favor, and convinces you to give him a chance, 
And so you start to warm up to him, at this precise moment,
     The light will reflect from my name on the window and block his name on the letters. 


     And if you continue your betrayal
To something worse and you in fact write to him, 
     While writing, my name will float
     Into your mind from the windowpane
And as a result, you'll unconsciously do the right thing
     And mistakenly write to me instead.


     But window's glass and writing's lines 
Are no way to maintain our love; 
     I am so lethargic that I feel as if I am near death
     And I am murmuring this poem in my exhausted sleep; 
Ignore this chatter that I recite, 
     For men dying, from longing or otherwise, often mumble like this. 

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