Do you think tragic irresolution is the strength of Doctor Faustus?

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In the play, it can be argued that the dramatic characterization of Faustus' tragic irresolution demonstrates an important, universal principle: for every action, there is a consequence. Thus, tragic irresolution is the basis for the dramatic strength of this morality play. Faustus' vacillation humanizes him and makes the play credible.

The play also brings into focus the foundations for Faustus' irresolution. It calls into question the church's authority to repress access to certain knowledge. The human spirit longs for freedom above all things, and when it is thus circumscribed, there is every indication that it will rebel. Faustus himself becomes enamored by the idea of new, esoteric knowledge that Mephistopheles can offer him. The academic has explored philosophy, law, and medicine, among other disciplines, and come to the conclusion that they fall short of satisfying his deepest...

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