In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, what emotions will Cassius feel after Caesar's death? What will be Calpurnia's reaction to her husband's death?

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Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Based on what Cassius has said about Caesar, we can infer that he will be very satisfied when Caesar is assassinated. Cassius has been the leader of the conspiracy to murder Caesar and has successfully tricked Brutus into joining the plot. Cassius has expressed feelings of hatred and jealousy toward Caesar. He told Brutus stories mocking Caesar as being weak, unfit to rule in Rome. According to Cassius, he even had to save Caesar from drowning on one occasion. Cassius is bitter that Caesar has gained so much power.

Calpurnia will be heartbroken by Caesar's death. She loves her husband and has worried about him a great deal. She has had terrible dreams about his impending death, and all of the strange events in Rome the night before Caesar's murder convinced her that he was in great danger. The morning of the Ides of March, Calpurnia begs Caesar to stay home from the Senate. She uses all of her persuasive powers, but to no avail. Caesar goes to the Senate with the conspirators and is killed. Calpurnia may blame herself for not convincing him to stay home.

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