Traditionally, a quest is a journey in which a knight overcomes a series of obstacles in order to perform a prescribed feat. In what way is Phoenix's journey a quest in "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty?

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Phoenix's journey can be described as a quest because she has to get to a certain place to fulfill her quest, she encounters many challenges that she must overcome along the way, and the purpose of her quest is not disclosed until late in the journey: another common quest element. Phoenix must travel, by foot, into the town of Natchez, Mississippi, though we do not know why until she gets there.

On the way, she encounters a big black dog that knocks her over. She must cross a river by way of a fallen tree, stepping swiftly down the log despite the fact that she cannot see well. She even encounters a frightening and racist hunter: a young white man who cruelly points his big gun at this little old black woman.

Further, the purpose of Phoenix's journey is brave and self-sacrificing. Despite her age and physical infirmities, she makes this trip in order to procure the "soothing medicine" for her grandson's burned throat. He will never be cured (after having swallowed lye), but the medicine...

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