In the traditional Little Red Riding Hood versions, grandma is an old woman living at the outskirts of the forest. She is helpless and needs the assistance of Little Red who embarks on a journey through the forest to assist grandma. While a lot of contemporary renditions focus on revising the character of Little Red, Lee focuses on grandma, Anna the Matriarch, and invests her with significant power. Describe the facets of Anna's power. What is the value in this revision of the grandmother's character?

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In Tanith Lee’s short story Wolfland, Anna the Matriarch’s character is revealed layer by layer. She has power, and there is suggestion in the early parts of the story that she might be abusing it. She has economic power—giving her control over Lisel’s education and her life. She has supernatural power, first shown in the note given to Lisel at the edge of her grandmother’s land, and then when her true nature is revealed to be that of a werewolf.

As a young child, Lisel is aware of her grandmother’s power: over Lisel’s education, over her social movements, and over...

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