Trace the ways that Hale responds to the conflicts he encounters within the Salem community in "The Crucible."

Expert Answers
pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Reverend Hale is called in to give his expert opinion on the suspected witchcraft in Salem.  He strongly believes, at first that the Devil is at play in Salem, and that witchcraft is being used against innocent people.  He has a strong faith, he believes that with the aid of his books, that he can search out the Devil and remove him from Salem.

Reverend Hale, begins his investigation with John and Elizabeth Proctor, he is very aggressive in his questioning of them, he is suspicious of their depth of faith in the Church.

Eventually, however, Reverend Hale becomes a pawn, used by the authorities and the accusers as an instrument to confirm the existence of witchcraft. 

At first, he is completely convinced of the total authority of the court, he believes in the law. When he realizes that he is wrong, and that he has doubts, especially in Abigail, he changes his attitude.   He begins to realize that the law, even though it must be obeyed, isn't always right.

 By the end of the play, he is not so sure about the existence of witchcraft in Salem.

In the end, he supports John Proctor, and begs Elizabeth to talk to him, to save his life.