What events signify the origin, the development, and the conclusion of the conspiracy leading to the assasination of Julius Caesar?

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The origin of the plot to assassinate Caesar is traced to two sources.  The first is the belief that Caesar is attempting to change Rome to a monarchy in which he is named their king.  Even within the republic, Caesar had named himself Dictator for life, but was still held responsible to the Roman Senate.  By naming himself king, he would become the sole authority in Rome, something that was feared by many of the other politically mined Romans.

The second origin stems from the personal jealousy of Cassius.  Cassius is clearly upset about the power Caesar has garnered and holds over the common people of Rome.  Cassius believes that he could just as easily be that person in powe but recognizes that he doesn't hold sway over the commoners.  This leads to his recruitment of other important figures in Rome, particularily Brutus, to take part in his plot.

The most significant development of this plot was the addition of Brutus to the plan.  Cassius tries to recruit Brutus by comparing him to Caesar, but it is Brutus's love for Rome that eventually leads him to deciding that Caesar must die.  We also have the elaborate plan of the eight conspirators to bring Caesar to the Senate to be killed.

The conclusion, of course, is the eventual stabbing of Caesar which climaxes when Brutus stabs his friend.

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