"Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do" Comment on this topic, please.     

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drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can think of a contemporary example of a tough person who outlasted some tough times. Hillary Clinton went through a very public humiliation while her husband was president of the United States. She stuck it out, kept her marriage together largely for the sake of her daughter, and went on to launch a very successful campaign to become Senator from New York.

She built her reputation as a hard working, knowledgeable Senator and ran the most credible campaign for president ever run by a female candidate. Despite losing the nomination, she secured the post of Secretary of State and is building respect for her work as an international diplomat.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do not think that I agree with this statement.  There are many places in the world and in history when tough times have lasted long past the lifetime of any one human being.  There are also numerous instances of people who were truly tough but did not "last" (if, by "last" you mean survive).

So, for example, take a person who was born into slavery in the colonies that would become the United States.  Let's say he was born in 1770.  It is extremely unlikely that such a person would have lived to see slavery end in 1865.  So, in that case, the tough times lasted longer than the person did, no matter how tough that person was.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't agree with the statement either, but it does have some truth to it.  In general and throughout history, people who were more personally resilient in the face of crisis or "tough times" fared better over the long run, and passed these skills and genes on to succeeding generations. This enabled entire peoples to develop this quality.  Look at Haiti for example, and how tough the people there have to be on a daily basis just to survive, even before the quake.  That being said, times never seem to get better for that society.

booksnmore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For me, it's a personal affirmation meant to encourage during rough times. Everyone goes through difficult periods in life. But usually the hard times don't last long and you can come out a stronger person on the other end. I was teaching a class of second graders this morning and one group was complaining because another group appeared to be ahead. "It's not fair!" they said. I attempted to explain to them that our mistakes can sometimes teach us even more than our successes.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We are forged in the fires of our life experiences as each event we experience, each person we meet, each joy or tragedy we endure alter and change or ideologies. We as a human species are bred to be survivors and if we have a survivor’s philosophy, we will outlast any tough times.

lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you should look at lasting as your attitude in how you deal with the tough times as opposed to actually out living the tough times. With the right attitude we can make the best of those tough situations and hopefully live our live on our own terms.

simplesmriti | Student

As a human beign we are led by contradictory situations. We enjoy good moments but they are momentary. When our patience is tested by both internal as well as external forces we start trembling out of Panic. The moment we surrender we are languished in isolation but the moment we start acting first we get the strength. When we say' I am weak and therefore cannot do it' .....this suggests that we dont want to try only . when we say ...'I will try my best'...that very moment we are to some extent declared a winner ....the result just materialistic....but the will , the conviction is most important................................indiandreamz@yahoo.co.in...

giorgiana1976 | Student

Attribute of "toughness" can be interpreted contextually. "Durability", again, is another attribute that depends on the context in which is used. Generally, when doing comparisons,  the entities compared  should present similarities, to be part of similar categories.

When we say "tough people last", in order to have something to compare / comment, in relation to the other part of the statement "tough times do not last", we refer, in particular,to the facts of tough people,the facts last. For, toughness does not influence the human life average .

If would not be included in the statement, toughness can mean a physically / mentally strengthened body,that can withstand to the tests meant to weaken its resistance, that occur during the life span.

epollock | Student

I think tough times are always with us. It is always people that have a lot that don't think it is true. We really haven't fixed the inequality situation here in the US and there is a great disparity between people that have things and others that don't.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do is tth title of a bestselling book written by Dr. Robert Herold Schuller, which was first published in early 1980's.

The book starts with the premise that with persistence and right attitude and approach we can overcome the difficulties we face in our lives. Then the book goes on to prescribe in detail ways of taking charge and control of our lives to be able to solve our life problems more effectively and leading a successful life.

While I may disagree with some details of methods prescribed by Dr. Schuller, I am completely in agreement with the philosophy and spirit of the book as expressed by its title. The title gives us moral support to face our problems with courage and wisdom, and encourages us to keep on trying without giving up.

nusratfarah | Student

If you are a critical person by nature, having no simplicity in your character, you are impossible to deal with, then, the complexity is almost impossible to remove away from you. But, if you are a good person by heart, you can face tough times and overcome it easily. Difficult times can not defeat you.