Torey Adams Im writing an I am poem about torey I am stuck. What is one thing he knows is true; says he believes in; something he dreams for; and something he hopes for?

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One thing that Torey comes to believe in is that people and experiences cannot be separated into disparate groups; can't be all good or all bad; can't be all black or all white. Torey learns to believe in taking a more measured view of people and experiences. For example, at the beginning, Torey and Chris are diametrically opposed characters: one has never suffered, the other has only suffered. As the story progresses, Torey's experience becomes entwined with Chris's and Torey learns how suffering affects how a person sees and reacts to life and life's experiences.

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In general, I would say that Torey comes to accept that bullying has a profound effect on the victim and is not just innocent teasing. His hopes and dreams are first to solve the mystery of what happened to Christopher Creed.