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  • Social Sciences
    This source tells us two main things about the water issue. One of these is a fact having to do with physical facts about the natural world (how much water there is). The other is a fact about...

    Asked by caijiawen on via web

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  • Water
    The Southwest location of Phoenix, Arizona, makes it a very flat, very hot and dry locality without a major natural water source of its own. For that reason, Phoenix has come to depend more and...

    Asked by santari on via iOS

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  • Water
    Temperature is the determining factor for water's state of matter. Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy contained by each molecule in a given volume of space. It describes how...

    Asked by lro1979 on via web

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  • Water
    This is an important question. There is certainly an uneven distribution of water. And if experts are correct, water will become more scarce in the future. With this stated, there are several...

    Asked by mannatt on via web

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