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  • Sonnet 35
    There are a number of examples in this excellent sonnet, and even if we look at the first four lines alone, we can definitely see that there are several excellent examples of imagery that can be...

    Asked by pklatt12 on via web

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  • Sonnet 35
    Read it as if you are receiving this note from the love of your life. Does it sound like a love letter or like something negative? Another strategy you can employ is to highlight the negative...

    Asked by bngwanson on via web

    3 educator answers.

  • Sonnet 35
    A summary of "Sonnet 35" must first focus on its intention expressed in lines 1 and 5: Be no longer "grieved" and everyone makes "faults." The poetic speaker's attempt to persuade the recipient to...

    Asked by reem1994 on via web

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