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  • A Painful Case
    While I feel incredibly sorry for Mrs. Sinico, it is actually Mr. Duffy who I find to be a more sympathetic figure because he must live with his terrible regret. He eventually realizes that the...

    Asked by uzumakicrystal on via web

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  • A Painful Case
    In this story, James Joyce describes Dublin through the eyes of his protagonist, Mr. James Duffy. Mr. Duffy wants to live as "far [away] as possible" from the city he technically calls home...

    Asked by enotes on via web

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  • A Painful Case
    This story deals with a character, Mr. James Duffy, who has an opportunity for a real, human, relationship but abandons it because he abhors anything that feels disordered or messy. One cannot...

    Asked by windie on via web

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