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  • Notes of a Native Son
    James Baldwin (1924-1987) was an important American writer and critic who tackled issues of race, sexuality, and social inequality in his novels and essays. Born into a large, poor family in...

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  • Literature
    Although much of the focus of James Baldwin's essay is on the dispossession of Black Americans and the troubled aspects of the writer's relationship to his father, "Notes on a Native Son" works its...

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  • Notes of a Native Son
    Baldwin uses a variety of literary and rhetorical techniques in Notes of a Native Son. He uses direct address and shifting narrative points of view to name a couple. His use of imagery stands out...

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  • Notes of a Native Son
    The tone of the titular essay "Notes of a Native Son" in Balwin's collection is incredibly tense. In this essay, Baldwin is dealing with his near hatred for his father even as he simultaneously...

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  • Notes of a Native Son
    Max is a lawyer and a Jewish American. He represents Bigger since he is in a position to better understand what Bigger is up against given his Jewish heritage and the racism and antisemitism he...

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