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  • James Tate
    The idea that poetry is based on “the dream” that “has a pain in its heart” is crucial to much poetry, but not necessarily to all. It is significant for poetry to express compassion,...

    Asked by glenra92 on via web

  • James Tate
    From lines 55 through 64, the images suggest that poetry goes beyond the ease of being “categorized” (how poetic a word is that?). The song of a “rare species of bird” is barely audible,...

    Asked by giab92 on via web

  • James Tate
    In this very recent poem, Tate engages us on the topic of what constitutes poetry. It is interesting for readers to discuss whether his concepts here might seem exclusive, on the one hand, and...

    Asked by kel155 on via web

  • James Tate
    From lines 1 to 20, the images primarily reflect a middle- to upper-class type of American life. We find references to the profession of a surgeon, and images of watching baseball and playing golf,...

    Asked by gebnartin on via web