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  • Social Sciences
    The main significance of the fact that there were multiple species of hominins in East Africa all at the same time is that it makes it harder for us to believe in a narrative in which human...

    Asked by ladyc60 on via web

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  • Human Evolution
    “Lucy” was the name given to an important fossil that was found in the early 1970s. This fossil was important because it was the most complete fossil found to that date of a very early human...

    Asked by demon300 on via web

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  • Human Evolution
    Humans share many characteristics with mammals. They eat, sleep, urinate, and defecate. Human females give live births to their young and produce milk to nourish them, which are the characteristics...

    Asked by saffia on via web

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  • Human Evolution
    With medical technology always improving, and our knowledge of health in general always increasing, it is statistically likely that our lifespans will continue to increase - as they have been,...

    Asked by phiexyzrocks on via web

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  • Human Evolution
    I’ll address your point about the people who are best-off having the fewest children. This is certainly true both in the West and to a growing extent in the rest of the world. But I have to...

    Asked by rhylez on via web

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