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  • History
    For most of history Greece was an amalgam of independent and sovereign city states that often warred amongst each other. They were united by language and similar culture although customs differed...

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  • Greece, Ancient
    While some similarities existed between the warriors of Sparta and Athens, such as the hoplite foot soldier and the phalynx formation, there were great differences between the soldiers of the two...

    Asked by lehcir on via web

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  • Greece, Ancient
    While Athens and Sparta were both Greek city states with some similarities, many differences existed between the two societies. Sparta was a militaristic society that believed in strength over...

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  • Greece, Ancient
    To say that Greece excelled in architecture is to make a value judgment either concerning excellence in architecture as opposed to the other arts or to value Greek architecture over other...

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  • History This site seems to have some great background information for you, and it also includes additional themes concerning Greek drama,...

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