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  • Ecology
    The most important thing to note in differentiating ecosystem from biome is that an ecosystem or many ecosystems are part of larger biomes. This means that biomes are the larger categories of...

    Asked by ironstrike on via web

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  • Ecosystems
    Population increase results in many human activities that can have an effect on the local ecosystem. An ecosystem consists of the environment and its constituents (such as the organisms – plants,...

    Asked by happy99 on via web

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  • Botany
    Plants play an increasingly vital role in the life of human beings. In addition to the incomparably important function of providing oxygen, they are also essential sources of nutrition and...

    Asked by sagouine on via web

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  • Ecosystems
    Endangered species alone will not cause a collapse in the ecosystem yet the extinction will lead to collapse of specific ecosystems. Ecosystems are robust and complex systems though highly...

    Asked by monique06 on via web

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