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  • Computers and Society
    The advent of desktop computing has revolutionized the way many societies function. In virtually every facet of society, computers have changed the way everyday activities are conducted. Their...

    Asked by disha on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Computers and Society
    The introduction of desktop computing revolutionized the way people live. The internet, word processing programs, spreadsheets, power point slides, editing of film and more all represented a...

    Asked by acbiren on via iOS

    1 educator answer

  • Computers and Education
    A computer in education is an excellent tool. Students can immediately find out more information about any topics being discussed in the classroom. A great way to present a lesson can be through...

    Asked by birtukane09 on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Teachers
    First of all, it is important to understand the difference between formative and summative assessment. Summative assessment is what most people think of as traditional assessment. It is the kind of...

    Asked by monique06 on via web

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