Topic: Math Verify: (cos^2x)(tan^2x) + (cos^2x)= 1 Thank you in advance....

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In trigonometry there is a major trigonometric identity as;

`sin^2x+cos^2x = 1`


We also know that;

`tanx = (sinx)/cosx`


Now we will start the question from Left Hand Side(LHS)


`= (cos^2x)tan^2x+cos^2x`

`= (cos^2x)(sin^2x)/(cos^2x)+cos^2x`

`= sin^2x+cos^2x`

`= 1`

`= RHS`


So it is proven that `(cos^2x)tan^2x+cos^2x = 1`


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Show `cos^2x(tan^2x)+cos^2x=1` :

`cos^2x(tan^2x)+cos^2x`   Given

`=cos^2x(tan^2x+1)`  Factor out common term

`=cos^2x(sec^2x)` Pythasgorean relationship

`=cos^2x*1/(cos^2x)`  Definition of sec(x)

`=1` as required.