Top tips on how to get an A on the English Language/Literature A2 examination- please help!Just generic tips on how to ace the exam:):)

mathy101 | Student

If you want to do well in a literature examination, you must be willing to work hard. Make appropriate research. Read all recommended primary texts and also attend all classes. 

You should be spontaneous and aviod rote learning(cramming). Literature should flow from the deepest parts of your self and it should not be imposed by magnanimous facts. The facts are essential but not the driving force. Some people who are naturally creative and imaginative will tend to do more than even the most ardent readers.

Another major technique for success is to always write in the present tense. To remember that all literary works live eternally and that must be reflected in what you write. Avoid such words as 'was' 'were' '-ed participle' and all other past tense markers.

Another tip is to always understand the question you are asked because this is he first step to success or failure. When you understand the question, you are already half way down your road to success because you will know exactly what and how to write.

Another tip is to always cross check your grammar, punctuations, spellings and other juncture features. This is the root of a good composition and it tells the marker whether or not you are qualified to read literature. It is always mandatory to cross check spellings for errors before you submit your answer sheet.

Last but not the least is to pray to the GOD of your heart after the examination. If it is a well deserved success and the GOD that you understand permits it, then your success will be certain and sure as a morning sun!

Wish you all the best..

edwardcte | Student

Try to review all your pass lessons which are under the coverage of your examination in the early mornig. At this time of the day, your brain is fresh and can easily store informations. Also, after reviewing all your lessons, please avoid sleeping or else all the informations that you have reviewed will vanish. Have a 30-minute leisure time after your review. After that, you may now have your sleep (in some circumstances).