What are some tools for transmitting culture?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are almost as many different tools for transmitting culture as there are cultures. These can be informal, such as the way in which children pick up cultural knowledge by association with their families and peer groups, or more formal.

Many societies have formal educational systems intended to transmit important cultural information for older people (teachers) to younger ones (students). The main tool used in educational systems is language, either oral or written.

The next way in which language is used to transmit culture is in the form of either oral or written works. In non-literate cultures, performances of epics and wisdom literature convey important cultural information. Drama also is an important bearer of culture; in the middle ages, many play cycles were used to transmit Bible stories to an illiterate audience. 

The visual arts, in forms as various as paleolithic cave paintings and the sophisticated paintings and statuary of the Sinhalese Buddhist Golden Temple of Dambulla, transmit significant religious and other cultural information.