In Toni Morrison's novel Tar Baby, does Jadine work? What was Jadine's work ethic like?

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I am not sure where you get the idea that Jadine didn't work.  "Jadine Childs, the niece of Sydney and Ondine. Valerian has paid her tuition to earn a degree from the Sorbonne in Paris. Now a successful black high-fashion model in Paris and New York, Jadine is serving as a social secretary for Margaret while deciding her next career move."  In chapter 1 Morrison tells us that, "Jade is a successful model in Paris for a well-known designer, Caron, but is considering a change in her career. She thinks she wants to open a shop and pursue a business career. During her stay on the island, she is serving as a household management assistant and social secretary to Margaret."  It is true that Jade has less work ethic than that of the previous generation.  She has been raised in a "white world" and has been given opportunities that other blacks have not been given.  She definitely takes this for granted.  However, professionally speaking, she wants to open her own store, she encourages Son to get an education and in the end she does return to Paris to resume her modeling career.

royavakili | Student

she works. but when the novel begins, it is before Christmas and she is on vacation. she has chosen this place- Street's mansion in Caribean- a "house full of decent folk situated in a pure sea air," (66) "to fix the feeling [ of loneliness and inaucenticity] that had troubled her" (45).


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