Toni Morrison introduces First Corinthians Dead in "Song of Solomon". Why is it so hard for her to get a job?

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Corinthians has difficulty finding a job because she isn't qualified to do anything.  "She is light in skin color, and has no real skills. She is a delicate-appearing ornament. She is “enlightened in education” so that she is “able to contribute to the civilization” or “civilizing of her (backward) community.” In this ironic tone, the narrator equates a liberal arts education at what she considers to be an uppity rich white woman's college (Bryn Mawr) to an act of futility where one develops no useful skills to function in the practical world."  She stays at home after graduating from college and makes roses.  When she finally decides at the age of 42 that she need to "make her way" she can only find a job as a maid.  She is ashamed of this and hides it from her family.  Everyday she wears her high-heels to work and then changes into flat shoes when she gets there.  She is also ashamed of her poor male friend.  This storyline is a continuation of the theme of class conflict which Morrison carries throughout the novel.