Tommy left home in his car at 8am. He arrived at the store at 11.30am. How long was trip?  The distance between there and his house is 50 miles.  What is the speed of the car?

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In order to find the speed of the car, we need to know distance and time. For speed of a vehicle, we typically use units of miles per hour. Since we are given the distance of 50 miles, we can use that in the calculation. What we need to find is the time.  if the time to get from home to the store was from 8:00-11:30, then it took 3.5 hours to travel the 50 miles. 

speed = distance / time

speed = miles / hour

speed = 50 miles / 3.5 hour

speed = 14.3 miles per hour

If we needed to have different units, we could also convert the distance and time to other units (i.e. kilometers and minutes).

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