Tom and Gatsby have a confrontation in the hotel room. List at least five details of their converstion.

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During Tom and Gatsby’s fight in chapter 7, five details are revealed:

  1. Tom criticizes Gatsby for being new money and a fraud, starting by making fun of how he always says “old sport.”
  2. Tom then hints that Gatsby lied about attending Oxford and intimates it couldn’t be true given how new-money he looks (i.e. dressing in pink suits). Gatsby says that he did attend Oxford, for five months, in an army exchange program after the war. Therefore, we know Gatsby has been stretching the truth, as he wasn’t formally accepted into a degree program nor did he graduate.
  3. Tom asks Gatsby about his relationship with Daisy, and Gatsby says that Daisy loves him and not Tom. Tom draws upon his history with Daisy to persuade her back to him
  4. Tom also accused Gatsby of being a bootlegger.
  5. Gatsby tries to get Daisy to say she only loves Gatsby and never loved Tom, but she can’t do so, since she at least once loved Tom.
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