"Tom + daisy might treat Gatsby in a despicable manner,but Gatsby is responsible for his own destruction" 2 what extent can you agree or disagree? im having problems writing my final essay and this is one of the points i have to make in my essay.... daisy only comes across in a despicable manner in the end after she blames Gatsby for myrtels death, how els does she come across as despicable or should i rather just point out out tom and daisy come across as despicable instead of keeping them separate????

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I think that there are also other times when Daisy treats Gatsby in a pretty despicable way.  I think maybe the most important example of this is what happens between them in Louisville.  I mean, she makes it clear that she really have feelings for him, but then she won't have him because he does not have enough money.  That seems despicable.

In a way, her interactions with him in the "present" are sort of despicable as well.  She leads him to think she'll love him again but then she goes back to Tom because she doesn't like how he got his money.

But I still think it's his own fault because he's the one who decided to keep trying to get this shallow woman...

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