I told the surprised cabbie my mother's address. That's in Scottsdale," he complained.   This is in Chapter 22 (Hide and Seek), when Bella is escaping the airport to get to James. What I do not understand is why the cabbie is so surprised and slightly complaining that she wants to go to Scottsdale. They are in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, which is not so far from Scottsdale (30 minute drive), so why would the driver be surprised? There are people who take much longer drives from the airport. Can anyone explain?

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In your question you state that Bella was at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.  In the book it says that she took a shuttle from the airport to the Hyatt.  When she got to the Hyatt she ran off the shuttle and got into the back of a cab that an elderly couple had just vacated.  The cabbie was surprised because he wasn't expecting to see anyone run off of a shuttle and jump into the back of his cab.  He probably complained because he was tired, or expecting to get off work soon, or just didn't trust Bella to pay him for a trip that was that far away.  Even if Scottsdale is only 30 minutes away from Phoenix cab rides are expensive and cabbies get stiffed often by teens.

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