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Today, a tank contains 6,600 gallons of water. For the past three days, 210 gallons of water was pumped out of the tank each day. What was the volume of water in the tank 3 days ago?

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Compute the total amount pumped out in the last three days:

210 gallons/day x 3 days = 630 gallons

Add the volume pumped out (removed) to the volume today:

Volume today = 6600 gallons

Volume pumped out = 630 gallons

Volume 3 days ago = 6600 gallons + 630 gallons = 7230 gallons

Thus the volume three days ago was 7230 gallons.

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tonys538 | Student

The tank now has 6,600 gallons of water. During the last three days 210 gallons of water was pumped out each day.

The total volume of water pumped out is equal to 210*3 = 630 gallons.

This gives the volume of the tank 3 days ago as 630 + 6600 = 7230 gallons.