The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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Today in America's society, what type of issue or event would you consider being a modern-day "witch hunt" and why? Provide evidence and a claim.

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In 1692, people like the enslaved woman Tituba, beggars like Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne, or unconventional and independent women like Bridget Bishop were scapegoated for problems within the community of Salem Village. Soon, other people, such as those with the land coveted by the Putnam family, were also accused, and then when this land was auctioned off (having been seized by the province upon the former owners' convictions), the Putnams were free to lawfully purchase the parcels and increase their own status and holdings. They stood to gain, politically, by accusing their neighbors of crimes those neighbors did not commit.

Today, one could argue that the attitudes of many Americans toward people who were not born in America, especially toward people attempting to cross the southern border into the country, are similar. Some of our political leaders, including President Trump, have made claims that people from Mexico, specifically, are "bringing drugs" and "bringing crime" and that "They're rapists" (source). However, there is no reliable evidence to back these claims up; this could be seen as similar to how there was no reliable evidence to back up the girls' accusations of witchcraft in 1692, and yet they, too, were believed by many. Further, "unprecedented immigration raids" have been taking place more recently, where individuals who have lived in the US for years are suddenly rounded up and arrested, separated from their children, or even deported (source). The vast majority of these individuals seem to be law-abiding workers who have come to the US to seek a better, safer life for their families, and they are being scapegoated for the country's problems, just as the accused witches were. In both cases, accusers lack evidence for their accusations, but people stood then and stand now to gain, politically, from the accusations, and so they continue.

This post is based on personal opinion, due to the nature of the question. I have pasted links to the sources I cited below.

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