To what extent is the play A Raisin in the Sun still relevant today? Does the way that Hansberry explores the themes in the work still hold true today?

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Although Lorraine Hansberry's celebrated play A Raisin in the Sun is set in the 1950s, there are multiple themes and situations explored that are still relevant in today's society. One of the primary themes explored throughout the play concerns deferred dreams. Walter Jr. dreams of one day becoming a successful business owner, while his sister dreams of becoming a doctor. However, their financial situation and lack of opportunity defer their dreams. Millions of Americans, particularly Black Americans, can relate to their situation and recognize what it is like to have their dreams deferred. Financial struggles, lack of opportunity, and discrimination remain obstacles that prevent individuals from attaining their goals. The belief in the American Dream is still relevant today, as people strive to climb the social ladder and attain financial security like Walter Jr. and Beneatha.

Hansberry's depiction of conflict among family members also remains relevant. Audiences can relate to experiencing...

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