To what extent does Ngugi wa Thiong'o's A Grain of Wheat portray elements of Fanonian Marxist ideology?

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The militant attitude of Fanonian Marxist ideology runs through the course of A Grain of Wheat. It is apparent that violence is a very important and significant theme in the novel. Violence seems to be justified because of the political circumstances. Explore how this can be so. It would be good to define Fanonian Marxism Ideology and then relate it to the book, in particular by looking at how some of the characters show that their actions were influenced by this attitude.

You might find that the definition you come up with is not exactly the form of Marxism championed by the characters you examine. Could it be that the violent attitude of the Mau Mau is, in fact, a deviation or variation of the Fanonian Marxist ideology? Be sure to explore the extent to which their actions agree with the ideology, as well as how they differ from it.

Finally, pay attention to the characters' thoughts and conversations about violence. Is it possible that violence is justifiable given the circumstances around it? What is the cost of freedom? You could also look at how the characters view freedom and independence. To what lengths are they willing to go to be free? Is violence the only way to attain freedom, or is the reader merely persuaded to think that it is?

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