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To what degree are global financial markets shaped by private authorities?

Measuring the influence of private financial companies on global markets is done by several international agencies. The monitoring and reporting by these agencies assure global investors the movement of financial resources across the globe is secure. All participants in the global market have stakes in making sure private companies are financially stable and able to meet the financial needs in the markets they operate.

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The influence of international private financial companies on global markets has two components. The first is the relatively transparent component, and the impact of these companies' decisions is readily observable in public policy decisions and the economy of a region. This component is measurable by statistical analysis, such as the GDP of a country. It is monitored by various global exchanges and international financial agencies. The second component is not transparent. It is the political influence that results in governments changing policies that affect global markets.

Private companies' role in global markets is measurable by the amount of capital accumulated in various financial markets in the world. Capital flows to areas of least risk and where the highest amount of return on investment can be safely secured. An example of this principle is...

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