Chronicle of a Death Foretold

by Gabriel García Márquez

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To the town, is Santiago Nasar’s impending death news or entertainment? How does this contribute to their actions or to their inaction? Give specific examples from Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

Santiago’s impending death is news to some and entertainment to others in the town. The priest who forgets to warn Santiago in his excitement about the bishop and the police officer who fails to act are examples of how this news contributed to the inaction of many. The crowds who gather at the dock to see the Bishop but stay because of curiosity about Santiago's pending murder is an example of how this is entertainment.

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In Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez, the author tells the story of Santiago Nasar. Santiago is a wealthy landowner in the small town where he has lived his entire life. When rumors of his impending death—or murder—spread, it is news for some and entertainment for others.

For some people, there is so much other entertainment occurring that Santiago’s impending murder is lost in the excitement. For instance, when Clothilde tells the priest that the Vicario twins are threatening to murder Santiago in retaliation for shaming their sister, the priest forgets to warn Santiago because he is so excited about the imminent arrival of the Bishop. This is a good example of how this news or entertainment contributed to the inaction of many of the local townspeople.

In addition, the twins tell the local police officer of their plan to murder Santiago. They tell the Colonel, as well, that they intend to murder Santiago to avenge their sister. However, neither one takes the two young men seriously. No one does anything to stop the murder.

The Bishop is coming to bless the young couple being married. In fact, their marriage is the impetus for the murder: the groom discovers that his bride is not a virgin because of Santiago. There are crowds who gather at the dock to see the Bishop arrive by boat. The crowds remain in place because of the people's curiosity upon hearing the news that Santiago is going to be murdered by the twins. For them, this is entertainment that rivals or even trumps the arrival of the Bishop.

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