Is there a quote that says Bob Ewell blames others for his misfortune?or something like that? i thought i read it but i'm not to sure

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It is clear from the first time Bob Ewell answers a question in court that he blames the rest of the world for his misfortune.  In chapter 17, when asked if he is Mayella's father, he responds that if he isn't, he can't do anything about it, because Mayella's mother is dead.  Chapter 17 also tells us that he was "too distracted" by Mayella to be able to run after Tom Robinson.  The biggest indication of who Bob Ewell blames comes at the end of chapter 17 when he says,

"Tricking lawyers like Atticus Finch took advantage of him all the time with their tricking ways".

In short, Bob Ewell blames everyone for his misfortune.

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