The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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In "The Crucible", why do Tituba, Abigail and Betty name certain people who they claim accompanied the devil?

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As Mr. Hale questions Tituba and Abigail, Abigail blames the slave-woman for all kinds of witchery. Mr. Putnam seems to whole-heartedly believe Abigail, saying of Tituba "This woman must be hanged! She must be taken and hanged!" Further, it is already common knowledge that Tituba knows how to conjure the dead, as Mrs. Putnam, herself, sent her daughter Ruth to Tituba for this very purpose. Mr. Parris also threatens Tituba with violence, threatening to "take [her] out and whip [her] to [her] death." Mr. Hale, however, is kind to her. He tells her that she has a special purpose, that she is "God's instrument put in [their] hands to discover the Devil's agents among [them]." He says that they will bless her, that God himself will bless her. She likely feels a combination of fear of Parris and Putnam as well as a desire to please the kind Mr. Hale and enjoy his protection so that she can avoid further abuse and violence; this compels her to give them what they want: names of people who...

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rlendensky | Student

In the beginning of the play, Tituba, Abigail Adams, and Betty all name Sarah Good and Goody Osburn as being associated with the devil. They do so, first and foremost for self preservation. Secondly, they specifically named Sarah Good and Goody Osburn for one main reason: they both had poor reputations amongst the town of Salem. An outcast and an alcoholic, respectively, are named by these three young females because it would not be regarded as unbelievable if these two women were accompanied by the devil. However, Abigail and Betty eventually begin to name certain people only for their own benefit. This, in reality not in the play, leads to Abigail's ultimate demise because she eventually names the wife of a high up judge which leads her to flee.