Is the title of the story "An Astrologer's Day" appropriate? If yes, then why?

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

“An Astrologers’s Day” is an appropriate title for R. K. Narayan’s short story, especially because this is a man who lives from day to day. He never knows what is going to happen to him tomorrow, and he never knows how much money he will be able to earn. It seems like a precarious existence, but he may be better off than many of the people who live in India’s big cities. At least he has found a little niche in an incredibly poor environment. Though he sees throngs of people passing by on the path running through the Town Hall Park, and though curious spectators gather around to watch his performance, the people have few coins to spare.

…his eyes sparkled with a sharp abnormal gleam which was really an outcome of a continual searching look for customers, but which his simple clients took to be a prophetic light and felt comforted.

On this particular day he starts work “punctually at midday” and doesn’t get home until nearly midnight. He has earned, at considerable risk, a little more than usual. His wife will be able to buy just a little more than the bare necessities to keep the family alive for another day. She tells him:

“I can buy some jiggery and coconut tomorrow. The child has been asking for sweets for so many days now. I will prepare some nice stuff for her.”

The astrologer is philosophical. He doesn’t concern himself with what he might earn tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.

"…why think of it now? Time to sleep,” he said, yawning, and stretched himself on the pyol.

The title is also a good one because the word "Astrologer's" piques our curiosity. People who represents themselves as "psychics," "fortune tellers," "palm readers," and such, are always a little intriguing, even though we are skeptical about them. We have lots of questions we would like to have answered. 

tani-arora | Student

Yes, because it was that day when the astrologer earned a lot of money and also a great load was gone from him that he had killed a person.