Title "Roman Fever" conveyed symbolic of the sentimental danger which affect not only Alida Slade but also Delphin and Ansley. Argue for against that.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator


"Roman fever" is a term for malaria. People used to believe you could catch it from being out in the cold. The "fever" aspect of the word has another meaning, referring to the reputation Italians have for being "feverish" or "hot lovers." Mothers used to warn their daughters not to go out and about in Rome because the lotharios might be after them, so the danger of Roman Fever is not only from disease, but from love. This is the fever that affects Delphin Slade and Grace Ansley. They are "on fire" for each other, so they have that kind of fever. Alida Slade's fever is jealousy, and it winds up making her ill for years. When she tried to make her friend ill by sending her out on what she thought were false pretenses, she actually wound up causing her friend to catch a fever of a different type than what she had intended - love fever. My view is that they are all affected by a "fever" of sorts - Delphin and Grace by "love fever" and Alida by the fever of jealousy.

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