Explain the title of The Color Purple in relation to its theme.

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Historically, the color purple has held connotations typically associated with royalty. It was the most difficult and expensive color to dye fabric with because of the difficulty obtaining natural purple dye. In the novel, the characters are relatively impoverished African Americans with very troublesome relationships and lives. Their poverty and difficulty in life is a direct contrast to the idea of royalty, but the color purple is almost seen as this goal, something they strive after. In the novel, it is used to represent freedom and power, similar to its historical connotation.

Colors hold extremely symbolic meaning in this book, and the title is derived from a pensive moment from Celie, as she ponders God and the act of creation. She realizes she had never stood in awe of the creativity and power that God held, and one of the creative things he designed was the color purple. This beauty and...

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