The title in French is "L'Hote," which means both the "The Guest" and "The Host." How does this ambiguity reflect on the story?

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Although the story is known in English as "The Guest," the alternative title of "The Host" is also appropriate, since Daru is a considerate host to the Arab prisoner and is himself a guest of the French government in the post of schoolmaster of the desert region. Daru amicably caters to Balducci and the prisoner when they enter the schoolhouse, but upon receiving Balducci's orders, he ends the exchange in a disagreeable manner, expressing his intent to defy orders to deliver the man to Tinguit. Daru extends kindness to the Arab prisoner throughout the story, hosting him comfortably as an overnight guest before depositing him in the middle of the desert the following day with directions to either prison or a new life.

Despite the availability of freedom, the Arab man...

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