Iceberg Sinks “Unsinkable” Ocean Liner Titanic

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Examine how The Titanic is a symbol of the 19th Century. 

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Part of where the 19th Century can be linked to the development of the Titanic is through the excesses and attributes of industrialization.  As with the industrialization of the time period, the Titanic's development and building was on a grand scale.  It sought to be more, represent more, and embody more than any other ship before it.  The large scale of thought and wide dimension is representative of how the scale of dreams during industrialization took hold.  Few dreamed small.  It was "big."  "Big" money, "big" power, "big" profits, and "big" control that defined industrialization and also defined the building and development of the Titanic.  The fact that the Titanic was billed as...

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