What is a timeline of Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis?

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The story is told from Bud's perspective, so a timeline of events closely follows everything that happens to Bud.  

  • Bud finds out that he is being placed with a new adoptive family.  He is going to have an older brother, and Bud knows that means trouble. 
  • Todd Amos and Bud get into a fight.  Mrs. Amos believes everything that Todd tells her and locks Bud in the shed.  
  • Bud escapes from the shed and gets revenge against Todd by getting him to urinate in bed while sleeping.  
  • Bud goes to the mission to get a free meal. 
  • Bud goes to the library to find Miss Hill.  She is not there, because she got married and moved to Chicago. 
  • Bud and Bugs are reunited and decide to make their way west together by riding the trains.  
  • The two boys arrive in Hooverville.  Bud meets Deza Malone and gets his first kiss.  
  • Bugs gets on the train, but Bud misses it.  
  • Bud decides that he is going to find his father, and Bud believes the best place to start is Grand Rapids.  
  • Bud begins walking to Grand Rapids at night and is picked up on the side of the road by Lefty Lewis.  
  • Lewis agrees to take Bud to Grand Rapids.
  • Bud meets Herman Calloway and claims that Calloway is Bud's father.  Calloway denies it, but Bud is allowed to travel with the band.  
  • Eventually Bud and Calloway do figure out that they are related.  Calloway is Bud's grandfather, and Bud finally finds the home and family that he has been missing since his mother died. 
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