"Time wasn't marked as accurately then, for the common people anyway. It was just before Cromwell's rule, though".   This is at the end of chapter 15 (The Cullens), when Edward is talking about Carlisle and his past. They are talking about how Carlisle does not know when he was born because time wasn't so accurate back then. However I do not understand how the Cromwell rule fits in. I know about what the Cromwell rule means - that something doesn't have to be 1 or 0. But I don't understand how it fits in. ???

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This quote isn't a reference to Cromwell's Rule of 1 or 0. Its referring to the rule of Oliver Cromwell in England from 1653-1658. After England's civil war, Cromwell helped establish the Commonwealth, and was Lord Protector of England during that time. After his Puritanical reign, the people revolted and reestablished the monarchy in a more limited fashion.

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