The time that it will take to travel 300 ft. if the initial velocity is 20ft/second and final velocity is 60ft/second.

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lemjay eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since the velocity is not constant, solve for the average velocity.



Then, apply the formula:


where d - displacement and t - total time.






Hence, it took 7.5 seconds to travel 300ft with the given velocities.

oldnick | Student

the equation of motion are:

`s=s_0+at`    and :  `T=T_0+s_0t +1/2 at^2`

where s is speed, a acceleration and T the space.

(`s_0` and`T_0`  are the initial speed and the initial sapce forom a system of  coordinates. We further supposed the uniformly accelerated motion with a=costant)

so we have:

`at= s-s_0`  (1)

 `T-T_0=s_0t+1/2at^2`   (2)

We know both value   `s-s_0= 60-20=40`  than `T-T_0=300`

that is:  `at=40`   (3)

Substituing this in (2):

`T-T_0= s_0t+ 20t`


`300=20t+20t=40t`     `t= 7,5sec`