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In Tim Burrton's film, Edward Scissorhands there are characters who are admirable? Discuss

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A rather "fractured fairy-tale" about an artificial man who is not complete because his inventor died before he could create his hands, Edward Scissorhands, nevertheless, has redeeming characteristics. Likewise, Peg and her daughter Kim are worthy individuals; for, when Peg Boggs, an Avon saleswoman, discovers Edward when she visits the old Gothic mansion on the hill above her suburban home, she invites the strange young man to come home with her, where her children easily accept him. Later, Peg tells Edward, "Never let anyone tell you you're handicapped. You're.... special." Then, she channels Edwards cutting talents with his scissorshands into lawn sculptures and hedge cutting.

In their acts of befriending Edward, the Boggs family encourage and even tease Edward. Peg fosters his creativity, and Kim and Kevin act as if he is all right in his uniqueness. Even Mr. Boggs tries to instruct Edward in normalcy by telling him, "You need to learn not to take things so seriously."

When Joyce Monroe, an aging seductress, is intrigued with Edward and tries to seduce him, he does not know what to make of her actions. But, although she tries to exploit Edward's innocence some, she does encourage his creativity when she exclaims,

"Oh! Eddie, is there anything you can't do? You take my very breath away, I swear. Look at this! Have you ever cut a woman's hair? Would you cut mine?"

And, then, when he does cut her hair, Joyce tells Edward, "That was the single most thrilling experience of my entire life."

Because they have befriended Edward, the Boggs family finds themselves isolated from others in their neighborhood, but they remain loyal to him and defend him from others who would take advantage of him, such as Jim who gets Edward to pick a lock for him so that he is able to steal from his father. Kim tells her old boyfriend to leave, saying that he does not love him anymore. "I just want you to go....Just go." Jim is amazed, "Are you serious?  Losing me to a loser like that? He isn't even human!" Still she insists that Jim leave and searches for Edward afterward. Kim even goes so far as to tell Edward she loves him and asks her to hold her, but Edward tragically replies, "I can't."

After Kim departs from Edward Scissorhands, who has returned to the old mansion where he continues his sculptures, some of which are in ice, whose shavings fall as snow upon the houses below. Expressing her gratitude for having known him, Kim reflects,

You see, before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did. If he weren't up there now... I don't think it would be snowing. Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it.

A psychologist who spent time with Edward has remarked, "It seems clear that his awareness of what we call reality is radically underdeveloped." Perhaps, it is that unawareness which helped Kim and the others perceive beauty in him and his imaginative genius. At any rate, they have given Edward an appreciation for his gifts and been his friends, both of which will sustain him in the future.. 

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