List three ways the pigs become more human-like in Chapter 10 of Animal Farm. 

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The pigs use human practices to run the farm like a business. They generate a lot of paperwork, such as reports, memos, files, and meeting minutes, which they burn after reading them.

The pigs are walking on two feet, and they see Napoleon walking this way with a whip in his hoof. The animals are shocked by this, but the sheep change their slogan to "Four legs good, tow legs better!" to conform to the new change.

The pigs connect to the human world of media by buying newspapers, radios, and telephones. They can get information and communicate as the humans have always done.

They convert the farm to a more human version of a farm by removing the hoof and horn from the flag and changing the name from Animal Farm back to Manor farm. They announce these changes during a card game they hosted for the other farmers.

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Throughout Orwell\'s Animal Farm, the pigs become the essence of what they hate, man. At the close of the text, the pigs are trading with the humans as well as walking upright. The pigs are morphing into the image of man as Orwell suggests when the pigs are sitting around the table with the men gambling and the narrative voice explains that you are unable to tell the difference between man or pig.

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