Throughout the tertiary period, what was going on with the Pacific Ocean?

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The tertiary period is a geological period from a 65 million to 2.5 million years ago. It is under the cenozoic era that includes paleogene and neogene periods. There are several events that had happened during this period. Geologically in the pacific area, plate tectonic activities continuously happen as the Gondwana region is completely split apart. 

Generally, the changes that happened in the Pacific Ocean during this period are the ocean parameter, vegetation, surface temperature, tectonic changes and sea level. 

The first part of the tertiary period, there is a low abundance of life in the Pacific Ocean. But at the end of Paleocene epoch, there is an increased of vegetation and sharks became the top predator in ocean. Surface temperature changes due to drastic climate change because of the atmospheric greenhouse gas evolution. During the Neogene period, Pacific Ocean continuously increases in temperature while polar ice caps started to grow.

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