Throughout the story, Nick criticized the West. At this point, what is it about the middle-west that he appreciates?

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copelmat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nick criticizes those who live in the east for any length of time because he believes it corrupts their character. We see this in Daisy, Tom, and even Gatsby himself. Likewise, those from the west are just as guilt as they bring with them their rough-minded, violent ways of solving their own problems. It is the middle-west, where Nick is from and where Jay Gatz is originally from, that represents the good and honorable in the novel. It is the place where the enlightened Nick intends to return at the end of the novel. Set against this is the portrayal of East and West Egg which basically follow these same patterns--East Egg being where Daisy and Tom reside; West Egg being where Nick and Gatsby reside.

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